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An ancient Roman cookbook, known as De re coquinaria (On the Subject of Cooking), includes a quote often attributed to the first-century epicurean, Apicius. That quote goes as follows: “the first taste is always with the eyes.”


That’s as true today as is was almost 2000 years ago. Food isn’t just about nourishment, nor is it just about taste. Food is a multi-sensory experience or, at least, it should be.


At Hardy’s Events and Catering, we already know how good our food tastes. We know as soon as your guests pop one of our dishes into their mouths, they’ll be smitten. However, we also know that you want to serve them a plate of food that looks as good as it tastes.


On this page, you will find a small sample of high-resolution photos showing off some of our wares. We’ve tried to include a little bit of everything here, to give you some idea of the possibilities.